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International Conference on Concurrency Theory

The purpose of the CONCUR conferences is to bring together researchers, developers, and students in order to advance the theory of concurrency, and promote its applications (in a broad sense).

Topics of Interest are all areas of semantics, logics, verification and analysis of concurrent systems. The principal topics include (but are not limited to): Basic models of concurrency such as abstract machines, domain theoretic models, game theoretic models, process algebras, and Petri nets; Logics for concurrency such as modal logics, probabilistic and stochastic logics, temporal logics, and resource logics; Models of specialized systems such as biology-inspired systems, circuits, hybrid systems, mobile and collaborative systems, multi-core processors, probabilistic systems, real-time systems, service-oriented computing, and synchronous systems; Verification and analysis techniques for concurrent systems such as abstract interpretation, atomicity checking, model checking, race detection, pre-order and equivalence checking, run-time verification, state-space exploration, static analysis, synthesis, testing, theorem proving, and type systems; Related programming models such as distributed, component-based, object-oriented, and web services.