A number of hot research topics are currently sharing the common problem of combining concurrent, distributed, mobile and heterogenous components, trying to harness the intrinsic complexity of the resulting systems. These include coordination, peer-to-peer systems, grid computing, Web services, multi-agent systems, and component-based systems.

Coordination languages and software achitectures are recognised as fundamental approaches to tackle this issue, improving software productivity, enhancing maintainability, advocating modularity, promoting reusability, and leading to systems more tractable and more amenable to verification and global analysis.

The goal of the FOCLASA workshop is to put together researchers and practitioners of the aforementioned fields, to share and identify common problems, and to devise general solutions in the contexts of coordination languages and software architectures.

Current Workshop

The 9th international workshop on the Foundations of Coordination Languages and Software Architectures (FOCLASA '10) will be held as a satellite Workshop of CONCUR '10 at Paris (France), September 4, 2010. Invited Speaker is Maarten van Steen (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Past Workshops