Category: Workshops

Scope and History

The EXPRESS workshops aim at bringing together researchers interested in the relations between various formal systems, particularly in the field of Concurrency. Their focus has traditionally been on the comparison between programming concepts (such as concurrent, functional, imperative, logic and object-oriented programming) and between mathematical models of computation (such as process algebras, Petri nets, event structures, modal logics, and rewrite systems) on the basis of their relative expressive power. The EXPRESS workshop series has run successfully since 1994 and over the years this focus has become broadly construed. Since EXPRESS'09 we have made this development "official": we are now aiming to bring together researchers who are interested in the expressiveness and comparison of formal models that broadly relate to concurrency. In particular, this includes emergent fields such as logic and interaction, game-theoretic models, and service-oriented computing.

The EXPRESS workshops were originally held as meetings of the HCM project EXPRESS, which was active with the same focus from January 1994 till December 1997. The first three workshops were held respectively in Amsterdam (1994, chaired by Frits Vaandrager), Tarquinia (1995, chaired by Rocco De Nicola), and Dagstuhl (1996, co-chaired by Ursula Goltz and Rocco De Nicola). Since 1997 EXPRESS is organized as a conference with a call for papers and a significant attendance from outside the project. From 1998 to 2002 it was held as a satelite of CONCUR and since 2003 it is affiliated with CONCUR.